Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The CBS Early Show: Evan's Premier

In case you weren't able to see Evan on the CBS Early Show, check out this link to the video of the footage that ran on CBS!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Watch out CBS, here comes Evan!

Check out the CBS Early Show tomorrow morning 7am - 9am! Evan is going to be featured on the show (with the rest of us on his coat tails!)

CBS came to our home in Virginia and followed us around for about 14 hours. They arrived at our house before Aria and Evan woke up and were still there after they were asleep. I thought I'd share some highlights of the day from behind the scenes...

Evan is followed by the camera crew to camp. They specifically wanted to film him swimming because water safety is extremely important for anyone who has seizures. Passing a swim test is not enough to keep a child with epilepsy safe in a pool. He is always watched very closely when he's in the water, even at camp.

Evan had a great time hanging out with CBS correspondent, Debbye Turner! She interviewed him in his room and he read his book to her and showed off his harmonica skills! It was interesting to listen to the interview from the next room as he told her about what it's like for him to live with epilepsy.

A quick game of marbles in pajamas, with a film crew in the living room, and then off to bed -- it was a long day and an experience we will always remember!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Give a Boy a Dog!

It was great for Evan to have the chance to meet Jayden at his book signing! Jayden is also getting a service dog through 4 Paws for Ability and he gave Evan this great shirt his family made as a fundraiser -- it's Evan's new favorite shirt!

Give a boy a dog!

Thanks Jayden!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

He did it!

Evan has raised over his $13,000 fundraising goal! Because of this he will be getting his seizure dog in the Spring of 2012 and the additional funds will go toward other children who are working toward similar goals. We are so excited to know that he is also helping other families with their fundraising!

Here is the update article from the Washington Post:
Washington Post: Evan Moss raises more than $13,000, will get seizure dog

We are very excited to meet his dog and the waiting feels very much like waiting for a baby to be born! We are all thrilled to welcome this new addition to our family!!!!