Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Amazing Mindy!

The more time Evan spends with Mindy, the closer they become. It's been great to watch them as they figure out how to work together as a service dog team. Mindy goes to school with Evan, plays with him outside, lays next to him when he reads and of course sleeps with Evan.

We had a very interesting experience recently with Mindy. One morning she barked and acted like she thought Evan was having a seizure. But when we checked on Evan, it didn't look that way. He looked like he was sleeping and there was no unusual movement or sound. We asked Evan if he was having a seizure and were surprised when he said "yes". This happened several mornings, resulting in a call to his neurologist. She made a simple change to one of his medications and the seizures stopped. He still has a different type of seizure but we would have never known about the more subtle ones without Mindy.

Thanks Mindy and 4 Paws for Ability!! We feel so fortunate to have Mindy in our lives and are grateful for this four-legged addition to our family.