Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Book Signing was a Huge Success

We have so many people to say thank you to today...Candy & Will at Grounded Coffee Shop for hosting Evan's book signing; Bob for handling all the press; Aria, Liza and Torri for helping Evan by organizing the signing process; Sam, Miriam and James for manning the table selling copies of the book when we ran out; Mary for making sure everything ran smoothly while also talking to every person in the room; the family, friends, neighbors, teachers and therapists that came to support Evan; families and individuals living with epilepsy who shared their personal stories; individuals with service dogs and trainers who brought new awareness about service dogs; and the people we've never met before who came to buy books, make donations and offer their support. The event was a great success and we are all exhausted!

Evan was so impressive and signed every copy until we ran out! We sold 150 copies and then took orders for additional copies.

Evan loved having the opportunity to meet serveral service dogs today and he even got to give some of them treats!


  1. Is there a way to purchase Evans book through Paypal?

  2. Hey Mr. Evan,

    Mom and I want to say HI! We saw your wonderful story on the news and we want to help.
    (We authors must stick together you know!!! Plus, I have seizures too sometimes, if I overexert. I have hypoglycemia so I have to be careful. I'm still a good spy though!!)

    We're running a special to help you!!! Check it out on our Facebook page. :)

    For every book where the person comments "A Dog for Evan", they will click LOCAL PICK UP.
    I'll donate $4 to help you get your very own service dog!

    I'm so excited, I'm wiggling my entire self!!!

    And guess what? My first book signing was last week at our library and it was PAWSOME! So - we just wanted to let you know...

    Hope your very own wonderful pizza eating, space flying seizure dog is by your side in a jiffy!!!

    Let us know how to contact you so we can make arrangements. ("") ("") 2 paws up!

    May the K9 Spy

    PS - One of my FB FURiends, Holly, asked where you were getting your SD? And I didn't know what to tell her.