Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dog Swim!

We went to the Landsdowne 7th Annual Dog Swim on Saturday and we had a blast.

It was a little chilly, but the kids had a great time watching the dogs jump in the pool. They both had the chance to throw balls to eager dogs who would swim out after the balls as many times as the kids would throw them!

Aria loved all the dogs and said she couldn't pick a favorite because they were all great. She divided her time between all the dogs, making her way around the perimeter of the pool so she could meet each one.

For Evan, the star was Nara, a beautiful German Shepard with a gentle nature and eyes that smiled. Nara swam after the ball countless times for Evan and I'm not sure who was happier.

We can't wait until next year when we will have a dog participating too!


  1. I'd forgotten about this, although I have to admit the cool weather was much better for a day at the faire than at the pool.
    Love the pictures and video! Something about Evan in a winter coat at the pool is just too funny. Did they make a big deal of the author? Although I'm sure that Nara was the highlight of Evan's day.
    Watching your kids with dogs is wonderful!

  2. It was so much fun to see the kids play with the dogs. The dogs were hysterical and we spent most of our time laughing.