Tuesday, September 6, 2011

People Magazine

If you missed the People Magazine, you can read the story here:
Boy Writes Book to Save Money for Seizure-Sniffing Dog

I find myself really drawn to taking photos of what goes on behind the scenes. The photo shoot with Andrew Brusso was a great experience and he was super cool. We found out he was a fellow RIT grad and laughed about how in the first year at RIT they tell you the two hardest things to photograph are kids and animals.

I love this because it really gives a sense of how many people are involved -- there were actually more! Evan was great, a real trooper! The puppies were adorable and very well-trained but easily distracted. They loved giving Evan kisses too!

Andrew spent most of his day at ground level and at times his camera was just too interesting for the pups to resist!

Aria was in heaven hanging out with all the dogs. It was a hot day and these two enjoyed the chance to cool off in the shade. When we went back into the 4 Paws for Ability facility, Aria and Evan both went and said hi to as many dogs as they could and played with the Papillion puppies.

What an amazing experience!

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  1. I love your behind the scenes pictures, and getting to see Serena!
    Love to all of you!