Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coming to a TV near you!

Yesterday we had a small film crew from NBC hang out with us for a few hours. They were doing a follow up story about Evan's journey to meet Mindy. We talked about why we decided to get a service dog, publishing Evan's book through and what life with Mindy is like.

After the interviews they filmed Evan and Mindy playing together before we went to the school to practice getting on and off the bus. They did really well and the people from the transportation department were really helpful at figuring out how to position Mindy on the bus and let us practice multiple times. The driver tested the air brakes repeatedly so Mindy would get used to the sound and we rode around on the bus a bit to acclimate her to her new ride. It was helpful to work with such a great team to make this new experience positive for everyone involved!

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