Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School Days

Today was the first day of school for Aria, Evan and Mindy! They were all excited for their big day.

The school has been great and Mindy received a warm welcome. We went to school a little early to to get situated. She has a mat right next to Evan's desk and Evan's teacher even taped a name tag on the floor like she did on the desks for each of the children.

Rob went to school too and will go every day for the first couple weeks to help with the transition. How do we kee him away from Mindy's nylabone?

Evan's classmates loved getting to meet Mindy and she was perfect all day. It's a learning experience for everyone but I think we are pretty fortunate to have a great team at the school. I predict that it's going to be a fantastic year!


  1. Hi Evan,

    My name is Gabe, and I have a brother named Sam. My mom bought your book, and I really liked it. We then looked at your blog and saw that you got your dog! We have a goldendoodle, too! His name is Suko. He's huge! His hair is long and fluffy.

    Is it fun to have Mindy at school with you? What grade are you in? I am in fourth grade. Hope you get this and write back soon!

    Thanks, bye!

    1. Hi Gabe!

      Wow, this response is really late! I'm sorry we didn't see your note before. Evan loves having Mindy at school with him and she is just like all the other students and even had her picture taken on picture day! Mindy is a smaller goldendoodle, only about 50 lbs, but we all love every bit of her!

      Evan is just finishing up 5th grade so I'll bet you are one year ahead of him. I hope you had a great year t school!

      Lisa (Evan's mom)