Friday, July 20, 2012

Training, Day 4

Last night Mindy slept with Evan again and they continue to adorable together. He really likes having her sleep with him and hanging out with her. I love to see their bond growing and it is essential for er to connect with him in order to do her job.

We went to the mall today and practiced walking with the dogs in a public setting. Mindy did really well and even walked with Evan a little. She was a little confused walking with Evan and Rob both holding the leash but did great and Evan was happy to walk with her.

Evan gives her lots of treats to help with the bonding. They both think it's pretty cool so that makes this part of the process easy!

Jeremy came with us while we walked around the mall and gave us pointers along the way. Before we went to the mall Jeremy said to be prepared to clean up an accident, just in case, and to make sure the dogs go potty before going to the mall. He said if it happens just clean it up quickly. He was also reassuring by telling us that at some point over the years it will happen to everyone.

Before entering the mall Mindy walked around outside twice but didn't do anything. To make a long story short, we don't have to wonder when an accident in public will happen. And, just to show how brilliant we are, it happened right in front of Jeremy!

Like I said before, we are learning.

After practicing we took a break at Starbucks and Mindy was perfect snoozing under the table while Aria and Evan sipped their smoothies and Rob and I re-caffeinated!

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  1. Nice tuck, Mindy!
    I'm VERY impressed that you could get Mindy to potty right in front of Jeremy!
    Looks like you're all making wonderful progress. I'm glad to see the happy faces!
    Dinky misses you, but Snuffie is having fun having him over for a visit.