Monday, July 23, 2012

Training, Day 7

I can't believe we have completed seven days of training already! Today Jeremy increased the obstacle course challenge by having the dogs walk through a maze of dogs. Two people would work their dogs while the rest if the class created the obstacle course. We also worked on all our commands.

After lunch Karen talked about public access with service dogs and answered all our questions. She has pretty much seen / heard it all and is a wealth of information. She also shared some pretty funny stories about some if her experiences with having a device dog. It was an extremely informative afternoon.

Devyn challenged Rob to a horse race! Devyn won and challenged another dad next. 

We got back to the hotel after class and it was such a hot day that we headed straight for the pool. We put Mindy in her kennel because it was much too hot for her. Several families from our class were also at the pool and we had a great time being in the water and watching all the kids play. Two families with children in wheelchairs brought their kids down to join in the fun and they both seemed enjoy being in the water and were all smiles. Several of us ordered pizza and ate by the pool. It was the perfect end to another long day.

Back in the room we practiced with Mindy and put our very tired kids to bed!


  1. Got to wondering- what are the kids doing while the parents are working the dogs, like in the dog maze? Is that when Devyn wore out the dads?
    So glad you have time to add fun memories to the working ones. I can't wait to hear what the kids have to say about all of this! (And to pick your brain!)
    Dinky had fun visiting Snuffie, but was ready to go home when Liza was up for it. Snuffie missed him all afternoon.
    Love to all of you!

  2. Some of the kids are in the room with us while others are playing in the playroom, playing handheld electronic games or burning off energy on the playground.

    This has been a great experience and we have so many memories and have made great friends in the process.