Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Training, Day 9

Practice, practice, practice! Heel, sit, down, obstacle course, lap...whew!

Evan with Mindy doing the "lap" command which is used as a way to soothe Evan during a medical procedure or after a seizure. She basically lays her head in his lap to comfort him.

Another photo of the "lap" command with Evan multitasking as he enjoys his dog and his YouTube video.

Mindy gets cold with her short haircut but is nice an cozy under a fleece blanket!

In the afternoon we learned some tricks. We learned how to get Mindy to play dead and roll over. Then we did all the commands off leash. It was amazing to watch Mindy walk around in a heel without a leash. Rob also gave her commands from a distance and she listened beautifully. We also talked a bit about our TEST! Yes there will be a test and it looks like it is pass or fail. I don't even want to think about the fail option!

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  1. Cuddling with your dog makes the world a better place! Looking forward to meeting Mindy! She and Dinky and I are going to have so much fun together!